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Online Health Care Services Provider

While the world is progressing every second, the ever-changing and fast pace is leading to a number of mental, health and behavior issues. Find My Doctor is an easy solution to your problem founded by a person whose mother died of medical negligence. This app is designed to link doctors with patients and vice versa. The application has been made to provide the best medical care all over Karachi. Initially, the application worked on bringing the known and expert in their field doctors on board. It provides us with a variety of services.
• Doctors at home is a service for the betterment of the patient. The patient may call the doctor with a margin of 24 hours to visit him at home.
• Lab test at home is an innovation on its own. Patients can now get their lab test done from the city’s renowned laboratories at their home or even their workplace.
• Find My Doctor also offers health cards. For a nominal price of Rs.800 get 4 doctors’ visits and amazing discounts at all the lab tests.
• Considering the mental health issues like stress, depression, and anxiety that we’re facing, Find My Doctor introduces Therapy Room sessions, too, with the best Psychologists and Therapists in town.

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